at Davison Farmers Market

Upcoming Events

August 5:   How to Use an Electric Pressure Cooker Josh/Knob Hill

August 12: What We Can Do to Prep for Flu Season Tammy/Young Living

August 19: Promotion of Dept. of Agriculture Board Jennifer

August 26: 4th Annual BBQ Cookoff  and  2017 Town And Country Tractor Show


Sept 2: Know Your Butcher Knob Hill Meat

Sept 9: 3rd Annual Corn Festival

Sept 16: How does Water Effect Our Lives? (Living Water)

Sept 23: Market Craft Show – (Chatterbox Cafe)

Sept 30: What Can We Do With Apples? (Porter’s Orchard)


Oct 7:    How to Make a Fall Wreath (Knickerbocker’s)

Oct 14:  Myths, Facts and Common Fears about Chiropractic Care! (1:30-2:30) (Stone Chiro/Dr. Stone)

Oct 21:  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

              Market Craft Show – (The Green Olive Tree)

Oct 28:  Trick or Treat at the Market


Nov 4:  There’s Something About Tea Those Nature People

Nov 11: Celebration of Veteran’s (Jar Head Salsa/Tom)

Nov 18: Cookie Decorating

      Market Craft Show – (Momma’s Tacos)

Nov 25:  Jerky Preparation (J.Dean’s/Shane)


Dec 2: Salvation Army

Dec 9: Christmas by Faith

Dec 16: Christmas With Mr. and Mrs. Claus

Dec 23: Flint Symphony Orchestra

Dec 30: New Year’s Eve Trays